Dear All,

Almost two years ago, we were called to start The Ark Healing Rooms.  Answering God's call without delay, we organized a group of volunteers  from churches throughout New York City. “Heal the sick, raise the dead,  cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.  Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8).

Throughout our ministry, we have seen many people healed, set free and  delivered. Lives are being changed. Even our volunteers, by pouring out  to those in need, are being touched.

Every other Saturday we get together in different locations within the  City to open the door for God to move in and through us. Every few  months we host Worship Nights and training events - sometimes with guest  speakers from outside the City.

We are a non-profit and run strictly by volunteers. We all know that NYC  is one of the most costly cities in the world and our expenses are  high, including rent, hiring speakers & trainers and administrative  details. We need your financial support to make a  difference in your life and the lives of other people.

Please pray about helping The Ark Healing Rooms.  

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We greatly thank you for your support.
May God bless you.

The Ark Healing Rooms

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Healed From Offset Shoulder

We were at a prophetic  workshop when  the Pastor said to lay our hands on the shoulders of the  persons next to us and pray. Markus was next to me and laid his hand on  my shoulder. I felt an intense heat on my shoulder blade as we were  praying. I asked God what’s going on and I heard God say that I’m being  healed. “I was confused. Of what?” He then reminded me of my injured  shoulder from cutting and styling hair. I have been living with pain for  years and my right shoulder is higher. After  the prayer, I had no pain. Markus didn’t know about the condition of my  shoulder. After church I told him and our friends what happened and one  friend said that my shoulders were perfectly aligned! Amen!!

Prayer Requests

We take prayer requests, so please let us know if you or a loved one needs prayer.

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