November 9th

“Break the Soil” 

Date: Friday, November 9, 

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Where: Our Saviour Church 417 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA 

Warring Wisely with Dawna De Silva, Founder of Bethel Sozo, Redding, CA



Date and Time


Sat, November 10, 2018

10:00 AM – 4:30 PM EST

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Life Center Church NYC / JHOP NYC

75 Maiden Lane 

New York, NY 10038 

Are you experiencing battle fatigue? We are created  with a body, soul, and spirit; each part of us can be assaulted as we  live out our daily lives. This teaching will expose how you can equip  and protect yourself from unwanted assault in every area of your being.  Join Dawna as she brings revelation to the battles you have been facing;  physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In collaboration with Life Center Church NYC, join us for a day of  worship and teaching that will equip you to live and love more fully in  NYC.

Dawna De Silva is the founder and co-leader with Teresa Liebscher of  the International Bethel Sozo Ministry. She and her husband, Stephen De  Silva, have ministered from Bethel for the past twenty years as well as  preaching, speaking, and authoring books. Dawna's manual on Shifting  Atmospheres has become a sought after tool for daily empowerment.  Whether training Sozo, preaching, shifting atmospheres, or ministering  prophetically, Dawna releases people, churches, and cities into new  vision and freedom. No matter how traumatic the wounding, Dawna  ministers with authority and gentleness, imparting hope and healing.

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Waking Up From A Coma

I have been working late  nights as I’ve started a new role.  It’s been sweet bc I've gotten to  know the evening cleaning crew.  One women was quite downcast, I asked  her what was wrong and she mentioned her mother had been in a coma  for a month.  She was open to me praying over her mother in Jesus’  Name, so I did, and kept believing over the weekend her mother would  wake up.  She did on Sunday!  I just ran into her tonight , not to my  surprise (I totally knew Jesus would wake her up!)  she had the testimony.  So we praised Jesus in the lobby, others  hearing and seeing

Boom! Love That Name!


Legs Becoming Even


While browsing through  the internet during the early part of the summer 2018, my eyes fell upon  the Ark Healing Room Ministry. I immediately fell the call to volunteer  and pray for people. The Ark was having a  worship/prayer service on a Friday night in a church in the city and I  went there. As I sat in the back, I saw a man distributing water to the  staff. While I was looking at him, he handed me a bottle as well which I  gratefully accepted as I was thirsty. I  found out later on that his name was Markus,  one of the leaders of the Ark Healing Room. Another young man Ben  approached me and asked how I found out about them. “The internet” was  my response. I inquired about the healing room venue and I went there  the  following Saturday. 

Several people were  gathered in the back room, praying and soaking into worship songs. As  people got into small groups later on, Markus  asked me if I had a prayer request. ”As a matter fact, yes I do.” I  replied.  I proceeded to explain that I recently found out that I was born with  one hip higher than the other, and it wasn’t caught in time during my  youth to correct the situation with back braces. I was in constant back  pain despite several physical therapy sessions.  As nature would have it, as I got older, I started to notice that l was  leaning on one side on ALL my pictures. This situation got me concerned  enough with an added curved spine on top of it. I figured that I was  too old now to be wearing back braces anyway.

Markus  requested a chair and made me sit down and stretch my legs. To my  utmost surprise, l had one leg shorter than the other. As he prayed  first inviting the Holy Spirit, I watched in amazement as he slowly  pulled and tug on one leg (can’t honestly remember which one) and they  both came into alignment. Still in awe, I got up and walked a straight  line, feeling the evenness of the hip. I can honestly say that I stand  tall and erect on all of the pictures that  I took since that day. Glory to God in the Highest! Thanks to God who used the Ark Healing Room volunteers to carry one of his mandate to heal the sick.   

Malou H.

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