Born Again Feet!

I  came in to 39th St. a week ago Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, and London  and Markus prayed for me.  My lovely wife couldn’t leave the apartment.  We prayed for her and for  the same things for me as two weeks before –  the effects of probably a  stroke – and this time, more so for painful  arthritis and possibly  fasciaitus (sp?) in both feet. Well, during the  prayer, a very strong  surge of God’s love power flowed through their  hands and filled my  entire body. After they were finished praying,  Markus asked me, “Did you  feel that?” How could I not?  He suggested I  just  accept it, and I  almost forgot my walking staff as I left.  Walking across town, on St.  Patrick’s Day, was a bit of a trial because  of crowd control. I saw an  art show, I felt better, but life was  pretty much the same. Monday morning  though, my feet were immediately  different at the beginning of the day.  Not only did they no longer  hurt, but they worked with a freedom that  was completely new. The toe  joints all move. The plantars  are no longer  in such tension that it  feels they’ll snap. The ankles comfortably  rotate to all angles.  

I’ve  searched in my vocabulary for words to describe this. I call my  feet  Born-Again Feet because they are not the same as they were years  ago,  before the disease. They’re an up-grade. At work, I’ve said it’s  like  walking on clouds when the clouds squeeze up between my toes like   mashed potatoes. Each step is truly enjoyable, like nothing I’ve ever   experienced before. And not only are my feet new and born-again, but my   experience in life is transformed in a way that will play-out in time.   The first healing of me, at Vineyard in 1982, The Lord set up   circumstances and a cast of thousands to heal me. This time He went   right into my body and changed it, never to be the same again. Now I’ve   got Gospel Feet and had another encounter with Forever.  

So – how can I  say thanks? 

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