Our Team


Markus Kirwald

Markus  Kirwald is the Technical Director at Stoll America, a German company  which manufactures large, high-tech knitting machines. He has worked in  the fashion industry in New York City for the past 9 years. Originally,  Markus is from Germany where he studied Textile Engineering. Before he  came to the US, he traveled for 15+ years around the world. Markus  attends Church of the City where he is part of the prayer team. A couple  of years ago, he started a group called "The Ark" where he opened the  doors for people to experience the supernatural power of God through  prayer. By walking in the healing anointing and seeing many people  getting healed at his workplace, within the church, and wherever he  goes, he and some friends started, in October 2016, the ministry called  "The Ark Healing Rooms" where people are welcome to chase after  physical, emotional, and inner healing in the Holy Spirit. 

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