Testimony Wall

I can’t say enough about  The Ark Healing Rooms. I initially came in about 6 months ago with  chronic wrist pain that I’d been putting up with for about 6 years.  After my healing, the pain had decreased significantly. It went from a 8  to an almost nonexistent 1. 

Thank you Ark Healing Rooms!  


I  am a volunteer at The Ark Healing Rooms.  I have been battling sciatic  pain for at least a year and it has been lifted in prayer often.  Several  weeks ago, I came to serve at The Ark and this day I was in a lot of  pain and was feeling particularly discouraged.  I said to myself, "I’m  not going to talk about it and I don’t want to pray about it…I’m just  going to go and serve".  As  people started coming in for prayer, I was extremely blessed by the  transformations I was witnessing.  As time went by and we were reaching  the end of the prayer rooms, I realized that after over three hours of  being on my feet that I had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN!  Not one ache!  I  started jumping around and crying because I realized that even though I  did not ask, that the Lord took away the pain. 

The  total healing has not yet been completely manifested in my body, but  the healing I experienced that day showed me another part of the  beautiful, willing heart of Father God.  I saw God’s compassion, love  and His GREAT desire to heal and bless us even when we don’t ask!" 


Healed Hip

A friend of ours shared with her business partner about the Healings  happening when people pray. The business partner, a young Jewish women,  who doesn’t know the Lord, yet, had 2 years prior a hip replacement.  Since then she couldn’t exercise  anymore as she used to and started having problems with the other side.  The doctors recommended her already to do the other side as well. After  hearing what her business partner shared, she was open to meet with us  to get prayed for. As she left home she told  her mother that she is going to get healed, not really knowing what’s  about to happening. We met with her on a beautiful Fall day in New York  City in the Meat Packing District where a lot of people were walking  around. We were sitting around a table, shared  a little bit about our ministry and then prayed for her. After a quick  prayer we asked her to do something she couldn’t do before. Right there  she got on the ground and made some moves she couldn’t do since the last  surgery. She was completely healed on the  spot. A few weeks later she went to the doctor to do some x-rays and  they confirmed that she doesn’t need a hip replacement anymore.  Obviously, they couldn’t explain what has happened, but she gave God the  glory and told them that some people prayed for her.  As the girl got home and told her mother that she got healed, the first  thing her mother asked, how much was it! It was free, they just prayed  for me, was her reply. 2 weeks later her mother invited herself and  asked for prayer. The young Jewish women tells  everybody about her healing, no filter. Thank you Jesus.   

Healed From Offset Shoulder

We were at a prophetic  workshop when  the Pastor said to lay our hands on the shoulders of the  persons next to us and pray. Markus was next to me and laid his hand on  my shoulder. I felt an intense heat on my shoulder blade as we were  praying. I asked God what’s going on and I heard God say that I’m being  healed. “I was confused. Of what?” He then reminded me of my injured  shoulder from cutting and styling hair. I have been living with pain for  years and my right shoulder is higher. After  the prayer, I had no pain. Markus didn’t know about the condition of my  shoulder. After church I told him and our friends what happened and one  friend said that my shoulders were perfectly aligned! Amen!! 

Expect the Unexpected 

A few months ago, Church of the City's "Healing Prayer Training Session" announcement instantly piqued my interest. How do you pray for healing?  I went with much curiosity. After a few praise songs, Ale and Ben came up to introduce and share what their healing ministry was about.  When the main speaker, Markus, came up to speak, I said to myself, "I should pray for my ear."  My left ear had been bothering me, and swelling in that ear was getting worse due to (underwater MP3 Player) ear plugs for swimming.  I had even made an acupuncture appointment for the next day, hoping that would make it better because I was dreading the thought of going to a medical doctor.  "Lord, would you heal my ear. Clear it," I prayed as Markus was sharing countless testimonies.  As he was wrapping up his stories and sharing practical tips for healing prayer, he said he wanted to pray for the people in the room.  "You guys are here because you are hungry for more of His Spirit."  I relaxed, got in a comfortable position in my seat, palms up and eyes closed. Less than a minute later, I felt a woman's hand placed on my head.  I was glad that someone had the opportunity to physically lay hands on me.  As soon as her hand was lifted off, I felt this tinkling sensation on the lower left side of my head, and the swelling and pain went out from my left ear.  As I was feeling this, I saw the sparkles of many tiny lights flying off as if lights were falling out of a black frame. It reminded me of fireflies. Well-orchestrated fireflies.  I opened my eyes and thought, "Stop. Are you serious?!" My ear felt completely back to normal.  I waited to see if it was for real before sharing the story with a friend who was sitting next to me.  I went to this gathering with the hopes of learning how to pray for healing. But God showed me how to do it by letting me sample a healing prayer.

What a creative, generous God we serve who knows how to teach us in the language that we speak in. He meets us wherever we are, and all we have to do is just SHOW UP!  What a gift. I expect nothing but miracles from Him. 

Born Again Feet 

I  came in to 39th St. a week ago Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, and London  and Markus prayed for me.  My lovely wife couldn’t leave the apartment.  We prayed for her and for  the same things for me as two weeks before –  the effects of probably a  stroke – and this time, more so for painful  arthritis and possibly  fasciaitus (sp?) in both feet. Well, during the  prayer, a very strong  surge of God’s love power flowed through their  hands and filled my  entire body. After they were finished praying,  Markus asked me, “Did you  feel that?” How could I not?  He suggested I  just  accept it, and I  almost forgot my walking staff as I left.  Walking across town, on St.  Patrick’s Day, was a bit of a trial because  of crowd control. I saw an  art show, I felt better, but life was  pretty much the same. Monday morning  though, my feet were immediately  different at the beginning of the day.  Not only did they no longer  hurt, but they worked with a freedom that  was completely new. The toe  joints all move. The plantars  are no longer  in such tension that it  feels they’ll snap. The ankles comfortably  rotate to all angles.  
I’ve  searched in my vocabulary for words to describe this. I call my  feet  Born-Again Feet because they are not the same as they were years  ago,  before the disease. They’re an up-grade. At work, I’ve said it’s  like  walking on clouds when the clouds squeeze up between my toes like   mashed potatoes. Each step is truly enjoyable, like nothing I’ve ever   experienced before. And not only are my feet new and born-again, but my   experience in life is transformed in a way that will play-out in time.   The first healing of me, at Vineyard in 1982, The Lord set up   circumstances and a cast of thousands to heal me. This time He went   right into my body and changed it, never to be the same again. Now I’ve   got Gospel Feet and had another encounter with Forever.  
So – how can I  say thanks? 

Dear Ark Healing Rooms,  

Thank you for praying for my little brother Lucas ~ after 5 weeks of  anguishing internal bleeding and 2 months waiting to receive his medical  test results all the results came back PERFECT ~ no trace of anything.  They met with one of the top gastroenterologists of Spain and they  don’t know what he had but it is clearly gone. Praise God for his  Faithfulness in Healing Lucas ~ I pray this testimony would strengthen  Lucas’ and my  family’s faith

I have a steel plate and screws in my ankle and leg  from a ski accident a few years ago. After Markus’s prayer last night,  something was different, but I couldn’t figure out what  it was. It wasn’t until I was home and in bed, that I realized what  felt strange was that my right leg was squarely in alignment! And it was  comfortable to lay straight because my right leg wasn’t swaying one  way... and it was chronic so I hadn’t even realized  that it was a big deal, until it went away!! And so then I kneeled down  in prayer, and it was crazy because my right foot was all of a sudden  painless. The places where it was stiff before, I could only feel on my  left foot now. So I praised God and slept  so well.... and I wrote everything down to tell you all, but wanted to  wait until after I had gone for a run today to see if there was any  change in pain... and low and behold. Again, the chronic pain that I had  been feeling for forever, in my ankle, knee  and hip - was gone!!! The only place I could feel the impact on my  right side was the old fracture wounds where the bone itself had healed  over. And throughout this entire time the difference was so stark  because my left leg had been compensating and had pain  too, but my right side was always more problematic so I didn’t even pay  attention to the left. But the fact that I could feel just how much  pain my left side had too for the first time, was just a testament the  healing on my right!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! He is  SO AMAZING.

I was involved in a auto collision 20 years ago, while riding my  motorcycle a car pulled out of a street right in front of me and we  collided head on. I was thrown two car lengths over the car and landed  on my back, I was taken to hospital  and the doctors told me I was lucky that no bones were broken and I had  no injuries, although I had a lot of pain in my wrists and lower back  they could find nothing wrong. I then spent about a year visiting  various specialists who also could not find anything,  so I decided to try pain management instead of looking for treatment. I  had regular visits to the chiropractor for traction, this helped reduce  the pain. Over the years I had learnt to live with the pain, until I  heard about The Ark Healing Rooms and asked  Markus to pray for me. As he was praying I could feel the pain  radiating from my lower back up to his hand on my shoulder, and as soon  as he finished praying I was blown away by the instant relief. After 20  years the pain in both my wrists and my back was  gone, I couldn’t believe a 2 minute prayer had completely healed me.  The next few days were amazing as I had forgotten how good it felt to  wake up in the morning without excruciating back pain. 

Thank you, again, for  praying with me two Saturdays ago; it has made a world of difference for  me in my relationships and also in my health. After we prayed, I  experienced a relief from wheezing and other asthmatic  symptoms. As you walked me through the very powerful prayer, "Jesus, I  quit," so much anxiety and religiosity was released from me. Thank you  for praying for me to abandon a spirit of performance, so that I could  freely receive healing and acceptance from  God. 

 I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot earn healing, but that  healing is a free gift from God for all who believe and embrace identity  as His children. I believe that God accepts me and is proud of me all  by myself. I believe that I cannot do anything  to make Him love me more, and I cannot do anything to make Him love me  less. God bless you and everyone else at Ark Healing Rooms. 

It was my first time yesterday. I heard about it  from my friend Clara a year ago. I’ve been meaning to come for a while.  One of the prayer ministry leaders Ally prayed for me last night. I lost  my taste for 2 weeks. I wasn’t sick. It was  just gone. Super sad. No taste of coffee wine or food! I had a few  people pray for healing. It came back partially. Last night Ally prayed  for me, I tasted some gum. I couldn’t get the same flavors as she  described. She prayed again. I tasted the sweetness.  But still not all. Then she prayed again and she had a granola bar. So  she didn’t show me what it was but gave me a piece. I knew it was cashew  cookie Lara right away!!! And when I got home I could taste ALL of my  food!!!  

Heaven in Business

A week before the Holidays I was at a  customer in Toronto. The second day I was there, the head of HR  department came to ask me if I would be willing to pray for one of the  workers. ( She heard from the CEO that I am a Christian )The HR person  is a lovely women who always tells me when I come to see them that I  carry such peace into the company which is a testimony for Jesus itself.  Of course I agreed to pray for the woman so we went straight down to  see her. It turned out that woman, who is from India, experienced a  rather sad loss in her family which caused her a lot of pain emotional  and physical. She then she had a frozen shoulder and no feeling in her  left hand. Just looking at her the way she spoke to me in a broken  English gave me the faith that she will be completely healed. One quick  prayer and she was completely healed. She looked at me after the prayer  wanted to say something but couldn’t. She just had an encounter with God  who healed her. Over the next few days she kept coming to see me  telling me how free she feels and that the pain and numbness is  completely gone. Praise God.

2 hours later I  was called to the front desk, so I went. As I approached the front desk  the lady sitting at the desk stood there with a smile on her face. She  said “rumors say you are a healer ?” “No, it’s not me, it’s the one who  lives within me,” I replied. Well, she said, the cleaning lady has a  condition she is afraid to ask me if I would pray for her. We walked  straight to the lady and there she was in the back with another  coworker. It turned out that she had back pain for a few years that  lasts all day and that she has a bone growing out of her heel which  causes a pinching pain on every step she takes. Apparently there was  nothing the doctors could do about it. I realized that she was limping  when I saw her walking through the factory so I thought one of her legs  is shorter but it turned out they were completely even. I prayed for her  back and heel. The pain in her back left on the spot but the heel was  still the same. She was so happy about not having pain in her back  anymore and said “ maybe one day my heel will also be healed”. The next  day when I saw her I asked her how she felt and she said that the heel  is still the same, still pain. The next day I asked her again and she  responded the same way. The next day when I saw her she came running  toward me when she saw me with her hands raised up to heaven, a big  smile on her face and shouting “ it is healing “ almost no pain anymore.  God is sooooo good.
One hour later,  a coworker from the first lady came to me and asked me if I could pray  for her wrist and her ankle. She hurt her wrist a few weeks ago, went to  the doctor, did an x-ray when they found out that some bones got  twisted but they couldn’t do anything about it. You could see a bump on  her wrist. So I prayed for her but nothing happened. I prayed again,  nothing happened. So I said, “ I believe everything will be OK again”.  She also had an encounter as I was praying for her. Her eyes were  glowing and she felt so much peace. The next day I asked her too how she  felt. The reply was ” still the same.” The next day she too came to see  me and said it is already so much better. Almost no more pain. Praise  God.
The last day I was at the customer, the  head of HR department came to see me. She said that she told her whole  family about what happened over the past few days. They have a few  people they want me to pray for. The lady said that she wants me to pray  for her before she leaves today for the Holidays, and that she wants me  to teach her about Jesus and healings. When I prayed for her she almost  passed out. She just stood there for a few seconds after I was finished  with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. When she opened her  eyes she said. I feel so much peace right now. 

Thank you Jesus.
Heaven in Business. Revival is happening.

 We were at a prophetic  workshop when  the Pastor said to lay our hands on the shoulders of the  persons next to us and pray. Markus was next to me and laid his hand on  my shoulder. I felt an intense heat on my shoulder blade as we were  praying. I asked God what’s going on and I heard God say that I’m being  healed. “I was confused. Of what?” He then reminded me of my injured  shoulder from cutting and styling hair. I have been living with pain for  years and my right shoulder is higher. After  the prayer, I had no pain. Markus didn’t know about the condition of my  shoulder. After church I told him and our friends what happened and one  friend said that my shoulders were perfectly aligned! Amen!! 

The cancer cells are dying!

At a Healing Rooms meeting back on June 10th of  this year, we had recorded a prayer for a woman who is the mother of  one of my colleagues.  At the time she had been placed in Palliative  Care with late stage Pancreatic Cancer.  The day we recorded the prayer,  I sent the audio to my colleague for him to share with his mom.  In speaking with him over the phone today regarding a work-related  item, he changed the subject and said the following: “Oh, and whatever  you’re doing keep it up… because my mom is now officially considered a  ‘Cancer Survivor’ because she has lived so long with the condition and  they’re making her a t-shirt that says something to that effect.  In the  health system, she’s still considered to be in Palliative Care, but her  CA (Cancer Antigen) levels have gone from 384 (high) to 19 (low).  The  doctor said to her, “the cancer cells are dying!!!” 


Healed From Foot Pain

I went to the Ark Healing room a few weeks  ago, had very bad pain on foot after a trip I took. I was planning to go  to DR the following week if not better. However, after prayer later if  felt much better and Monday my foot was fine. Praise God.

Healed From Hip Pain

A few months ago I had to go to Italy through work to a big  exhibition which is held once every 4 years. I didn’t really want to go  but I soon realized God wanted me to be there.  The first day of the show I saw a former colleague of mine who I know  from Germany and who was also on our booth. I realized right away that  she was in pain. A few days later I sat next to her during breakfast in  the hotel we all stayed. I asked her what’s going on in her life and she  gave me the full list. It turned out that she had an infection on the  bones of her left hip. The doctors didn’t know what to do anymore. They  gave her all kind of medication and treatments but nothing helped. The  condition in her hip came to a point where she almost couldn’t stand or  walk much anymore and standing all day at the show caused her a lot of  pain. Additionally, the medication caused a lot of side effects which  she had to deal. The whole thing had started almost a year before. That  day I only listened to her. The next day I sat again next to her during  breakfast and then I told her that I know somebody who can heal her.  When I told her that Jesus wants to show her how much He loves her she  broke down in tears and there I knew she will be healed. A few minutes  later we went to the lobby of the hotel where I prayed for her. She got  completely healed on the spot. She didn’t have to take the medication  anymore, she stood all day at the show and she walked as if nothing  happened. Two weeks after she was back in Germany she went to the doctor  to do an x-ray to see if there was any infection left and it was all  gone.  God is able.

Two retired business guys came again unannounced to our office to see  what’s new and to just talk. Both of them started talking about some  health issues they were having. A colleague of mine who was in the  meeting too listened carefully and I just sat there asking God what He  wants to do here. Well, after the two guys shared their health issues,  my colleague stood up and said, “I guess you guys have to talk to  Markus” and walked out of the conference room. One of the guys looked at  me and asked me if I am a healer and all I said was “not me but the one  who lives within me, and that is Jesus”. The other guy pulled up his  pants and said that he has a lot of pain in his knee. That was the main  reason why they stopped by our office. He could barely walk anymore. A  quick prayer and the pain was completely gone he walked without  restriction. As I was praying for him I looked into his eyes and got  such compassion for him as I saw that he has hearing aids in both ears.  So I asked him if I could pray for his ears which he agreed to. He took  both hearing aids out and put them on the table. After I prayed for him  he reached out to his hearing aids and put them into his pocket. No need  anymore. Despite his hearing aids, he always read peoples lips to fully  understand what they were saying. I was sitting right next to him and  started talking to the other guy. He couldn’t see my lips so I whispered  to check if he understood me and he repeated everything I said. The  other guy couldn’t believe what he just experienced and asked if I could  also pray for his left ear. Apparently he only heard about 20% out of  it. His ear turned red and he felt a lot of heat coming out of my hand  as I was laying my hand on to pray. It opened completely. A few weeks  prior to that he had broken his shoulder and therefore couldn’t move his  arm up above his belt. He was about to get an operation to fix it. I  asked him if I could pray for that too. As I put my hand on his shoulder  and started praying I felt the bones getting realigned. He was able to  move his arm all the way up without any pain or restriction.

Both left our office totally in awe to what happened. Every time I  see them they smile at me and thumbs up. Heaven in business. God is so  good.

Healed From Arthritis

One evening a friend called and asked if I would meet up to pray for  her. She had pain all over her body due to arthritis. I agreed to meet  with her in a coffee shop a little later. She was at the place before  me, which is not the norm, but later on I knew why. As I got there she  just looked at me as I took a chair to sit right next to her. I asked  her how she feels and she said “I don’t believe this”. On the way from  her place to the coffee shop she had apparently a lot of pain and was  glad when she finally was able to sit down. She knew I was on my way and  only a few minutes away and as I came closer she had less and less pain  and when I sat down right next to her the pain was completely gone.

God’s presence healed her right there. Glory to God!

Healed From Asthma

At the first evening of a business leadership seminar I attended, the  CEO’s daughter introduced herself in front of the group and mentioned  in between that she has Asthma. Well, the next day during a break in the  afternoon I walked up to her and introduced myself. I knew her and her  family were believers so I asked if I could pray for her which she was  very open to. She was one of the first people I ever prayed for and  didn’t really believe that something would happen. A few hours later  just before the first evening session she came up to me with a big smile  on her face and said that she is healed from Asthma. I said how do you  know. She said every few hours she had to use the little spray to inhale  to prevent an Asthma attack but that she hadn’t used it since I prayed  for her. That was almost 3 years ago. She was so overwhelmed with joy.  Thank you Jesus!

Healed From a Fall Down The Stairs

At the same leadership conference as where the CEO’s daughter got  healed from Asthma a woman on the first evening missed the last 3 steps  on the way leaving the main building, fell down and cracked her ankle so  bad that she couldn’t put any weight on it for the rest of the weekend.  Going to a doctor would have cause her to miss the whole weekend which  she didn’t really want so she ended up limping around really bad with a  lot of pain until ….

When I saw her the next day hearing what had happened I knew right  away that I want to pray for her. All Saturday I wanted to but I didn’t.  I was afraid that nothing would happen. Sunday came  and we had a  little worship session with a short message and then we were dismissed.  Just before I left I said to myself if I don’t pray for her now I will  regret it for the rest of my life not knowing what would have happened  if I prayed for her. So I took all the courage I had, walked up to her  as she was still sitting in a chair with her leg up on another chair and  ask if I could pray for her an

Healed From a Crushed Ankle

A few months ago a former colleague of mine from Germany came to our  office here in New York. Back in the day I used to travel with him quite  a lot to Asia but since I left Germany I hadn’t seen him as much. He  wasn’t supposed to come on this trip but later on I knew why it was he  who came.

When he came to our office I realized right away that he was limping.  He is the kind of guy who endures a lot of pain before he starts  complaining about it but I could tell he was in pain. One day during  lunch I asked him what exactly had happened so he told me the story. He  fell of a ladder and his ankle and heel got caught in the ladder when it  collapsed and literally worked as a vise and crushed his ankle and heel  into pieces. In the hospital he was told that he has 2 options. Either  they could replace some bones and fix the ankle in place such that he  would no longer have pain but wouldn’t be able to move the ankle  anymore, or they put some steel wires and nails in his ankle which would  give him the ability to walk with restrictions but he would have pain  for the rest of his life. He chose to have pain. After he told me I knew  that God is going to do something and he did. Walking back to the  office I told him that I want to pray for him believing that he will be  healed. He looked at me as and said that normally he was not open to  such things but because he knew and trusted me, he was  open to it.  Little later we were sitting in our conference room, I laid my hand on  him and God touched him big time. Not only has he been pain free since,  but he can also almost walk normally again, with nails and wires. He  stopped right away taking pain killers which also caused some side  effects. That was the first time I saw tears in his eyes.

It’s written that we will see greater things than He did.….. Praise God.

A Young Couple's Pregnancy Journey

A young couple from China who works in our office tried to have kids.  During that time the wife started having some issues which the doctors  said may cause problems with getting pregnant. The two approached me and  asked if I would pray for them which I certainly did. With the child  like faith they had when they ask I had so much peace over the whole  thing. Even though she was under medical treatment and we prayed a few  times she still had to undergo a little procedure which would cause her  not to have any children anymore (from a doctors stand point). A few  weeks later after a meeting she wanted to talk to me and that’s when she  told me that she is pregnant. She is 8 months in and both of them are  so excited to soon be parents. God truly loves family and children.  Praise God.

Healed From 22 Years of Headaches

Since one of my colleagues got radically healed the other day, he  shares with everybody what God did in his life. A friend of his who has  been suffering for 22 years with a severe headache wanted to get to know  the one who healed him, Jesus. So we met with her. She said that just  before she got married 22 years ago she started getting headaches –  sometime so bad that she couldn’t go to work. The past few months she  wasn’t able to work anymore due to the pain. She was spending a lot of  money on medication, went to every doctor known but nobody was able to  help her. She has been told that this condition couldn’t be cured and  that she would have to live with it for the rest of her life. I just  focused on God and not on the circumstances to hear what God wants to do  as she was sharing about her condition. I sensed abuse and  unforgiveness which she confirmed when I asked her. Leading her into a  short prayer for deliverance and forgiveness and a quick prayer for her  headache healed her on the spot. She has had no more headaches since.  She hasn’t felt like this in 22 years. What a beautiful God we have.  Praise God.

God Is Never Late

A few months ago, the guy who maintains our AC in the office came and the first thing I saw was that he wore a brace on his hand. He said  that he hurt his wrist on the job. The doctor told him that he couldn’t  put any weight or pressure on it for at least 6 weeks meaning he  couldn’t work. That was only 1 week prior to when I met him again. He  couldn’t afford not to work for 6 weeks so he worked under quite some  pain. I said to him that I want to talk to him before he leaves, knowing  somebody who can fix his wrist. After he finished the job he came up to  me. I told him that I want to pray for him and that I believe that he  will be healed. He looked at me as I am from out of space and said,  “Well, knock yourself out “ J

I prayed for him twice but nothing happened. I was so discouraged but  didn’t want to show it to him and said as he was leaving, you will see  tomorrow morning you will be healed. He left with a smile on his face  and I had an argument with God.

2 weeks later the guy had to come for an unexpected service call  again to our office. I totally forgot about him and as I saw him I  remembered him wearing a brace but that morning he didn’t. The first  thing he did when he saw me was showing me his arm with a smile full of  gratitude. I asked him what happened and he answered, well it was as you  said. The next morning when I woke up I was completely healed. God is  never late. Praise God.


Spine Healed As I got out of church something hit me right there and I was in a  really bad mood. How ironic J. On the way home I argued quite a bit with  God. I was about to cross Park Avenue in New York when I saw a homeless  guy on the other side of the road looking at me. I knew right away that  he will ask me for money. Fair enough half way crossing the road the  guy stood right in front of me asking me for money. The way he asked me  was different than any other one yet. As I looked into his eyes I got  compassion for him and said I give you 2 things, a prayer and money.  Neither one of us knew what was about to happen. All I knew when I  started praying for him, was that I was still in a bad mood. I asked  what his name was and where he was from. When I finished the short  prayer he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, I can’t believe  this, while I had my hand on his shoulder he felt another hand on this  chest and another one on his back and he felt the pain he had leaving  his body, his spine getting healed and straightened up. Then he told me  that he was serving in Iraq and from carrying the heavy gear a few of  his disks cracked which caused a lot of pain and he developed a  hunchback. Obviously he couldn’t serve any longer and recently he lost  his job due to his back pain. I was so in awe. I prayed a second time  for protection over his life and favor for a new job. At the end he ask  me who I am and all I said, “A son of God”, and then gave him more money  than he asked for. As he walked away as a totally different person I  started crying and asked God forgiveness for being so mad at him. Thank  you Lord for always being so loving and faithful.